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BREAKING NEWS: Washington's Medicare "fix"

Seniors to foot the cost of Washington's Medicare fix

The U.S. House passed legislation earlier today to permanently replace the flawed Medicare doctor payment system. The Senate may vote as early as late tonight or tomorrow. While AARP applauds their bipartisan effort, we're working to ensure the legislation is a better deal for seniors. Urge your Senator to protect Medicare and improve the bill for seniors. Our elected officials need to keep the promise to Americans who've worked hard and paid into Medicare their whole lives.

It's past time: dignity and independence for all seniors

Millions of seniors rely on the lifesaving services provided by the Older Americans Act to age with independence and dignity. It's a warm meal for those who don't have one, the support a caregiver needs to help someone live independently at home, or transportation for someone who'd otherwise be isolated. But for the past several months, this vital legislation has been held up by Congressional in-fighting. It's past time for the OAA to come to a vote.

Victory in New Jersey!

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities ordered Jersey Central Power & Light to reduce their rates by almost $35 million after ruling that the company had been overcharging its customers for electric service for years. Thank you to the thousands of AARP New Jersey members who signed petitions, attending hearings, and more! Together, we will keep fighting to keep utility rates reasonable.

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How much dye does it take to turn the Chicago River green for St. Patrick's Day?

A. 1 ton
B. 5 tons
C. 20 tons
D. 40 tons
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As long as her mother is here, Gwen Miller will do whatever it takes to make sure she's comfortable and happy. Gwen is part of a silent army of 42 million Americans who care for their aging parents, spouses, and others. They are on duty 24/7, and often can't even take a break. They are the unsung heroes who perform a great labor of love every day.

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D. 40 tons – the same weight as two full size school buses.


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