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URGENT: The Senate is trying to sneak another terrible health care bill into law. Speak out now: Tell your U.S. senators to oppose the Graham-Cassidy bill! >>

AARP Advocacy Alert

Senate leaders at trying to sneak their worst health care bill yet into law.

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Speak out before it's too late: Tell your Senator to oppose ANY bill that would hurt older Americans!

Dear Friend,

Senate leaders are taking one last shot at sneaking a terrible health care bill into law.

It's called the Graham-Cassidy bill, and it could be the worst health care proposal yet. It would be a disaster for older Americans who are already facing high health care costs.

The Senate only has until September 30th to pass this bill with 51 votes, and they're trying to rush it through. It's urgent that your Senators hear from you today.

Tell your U.S. senators to oppose this bill, and any bill that would cut health care and raise costs for older Americans!

The Graham-Cassidy bill may be the worst health care bill considered by Congress this year. It contains:

  • Deep cuts to Medicaid, threatening access to nursing homes and the ability of seniors to live at home, and leading to millions losing health coverage.
  • Price gouging for people with preexisting conditions like cancer, diabetes, and asthma.
  • An age tax, which could cost older Americans thousands of dollars more each year.

Senate leaders know that the American people don't support these extreme measures. So they're trying to rush this bill into law, with no debate and no independent analysis of its impacts. That's unacceptable.

AARP advocates like you made the difference in stopping the Senate's last destructive health care bills. When you speak out, our leaders in Washington listen. So please, make your voice heard today.

Tell your U.S. senators that you're counting on them to stop this terrible health care bill today.

Thanks so much for stepping up again and again on this important issue. The millions of Americans whose health care hangs in the balance thank you, too.


Fred Griesbach
AARP Campaigns

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