Don't let Congress cut SNAP benefits!
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Concerned senior
We're fighting to save food assistance for seniors – and we need your help
It's simple: The House plan to cut SNAP benefits is wrong and unacceptable. Millions of seniors rely on food assistance to get by, and cutting it could force millions of older Americans to choose between paying their bills and paying for their next meal.

That's why AARP was on Capitol Hill yesterday, fighting back against these cuts to vulnerable seniors. But one day of action isn't enough – we need your help to keep up our efforts to fight for the SNAP benefits that seniors rely upon.

Send your letter now, and tell Congress that cutting SNAP benefits is unacceptable.
AARP advocates in front of Capitol Hill on Lobby Day
Here's how AARP is fighting for you
At AARP, we never miss an opportunity to fight for older Americans and the issues that matter most to you. We spent our annual Lobby Day on Wednesday talking to members of Congress about SNAP benefits and other critical issues – check out our photos from yesterday, and follow AARP Advocates on Facebook to learn more about how AARP is fighting for you every day.
AARP volunteers marching
We couldn't do what we do without you
Across the country, our tireless volunteers are critical to our work fighting for the issues that matter most to older Americans. Today, we want to thank them for all their hard work – read about some of our dedicated volunteers and their selfless efforts now.
Concerned senior on the phone
Stay protected from scammers targeting Medicare beneficiaries
New Medicare cards are being issued to beneficiaries right now, and AARP's Fraud Watch Network is getting reports of scammers using this to steal data and money from unsuspecting seniors. If you get a call from a scammer asking to confirm your Social Security number or pay a processing fee for a new Medicare card, hang up immediately! Sign up for AARP's Fraud Watch Network to learn how to avoid this shady scam and keep yourself protected.
Nearly 43 million in danger
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Molly from North Carolina
We are AARP: Molly from North Carolina
"It would be nice to have more recognition and support for my kind of caregiving. I'm not the full-time caregivers, but I have used a lot of mental, physical and financial resources to ensure that my parents have been comfortable and safe."

Read Molly's full caregiving story and share your own caregiving story today.
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