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We know big drug companies will outspend us in this fight — so our collective voices need to be louder. That’s why we’re looking for 13 more people from your city to email your member of Congress today — can you take two minutes to add your voice?

Join 30,410 AARP advocates and tell your representative to lower drug prices.
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Here’s a shocking fact: Medicare government cannot legally negotiate for lower drug prices for seniors. Can you possibly imagine who benefits from that?! Why, big pharmaceutical companies, of course!

Finally, our lawmakers want to fix this. Their proposal would allow Medicare to exercise its vast buying power, saving taxpayers and older Americans billions of dollars on prescription drugs.

But here’s the sad truth: these kinds of proposals have stalled before, thanks to the massive influence of the big drug companies. That’s why it’ll take each and every one of us to push these bills forward now.

Friend, will you tell your member of Congress to vote yes on this proposal to stop drug company greed? Email your member of Congress now:

Your U.S. representative can help shut down drug company greed
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Think how much of a difference it would make if we even allow Medicare to negotiate prices on just the top 20 drugs covered by Medicare. In 2017, the total spending on those top 20 drugs was nearly $40 billion. That’s 26% of all Part D spending from that year!

This proposal will not go through without a fight from the pharmaceutical industry. Even more modest proposals have sparked outrage from price-gouging drug companies, and they’ve responded by spending a near-record amount on lobbying in the first three months of 2019.

But when our team of 38 million AARP members works together, we’re unstoppable. Let’s use our incredible leverage to remind our U.S. representatives that they NEED to listen to us, their constituents. Are you in, friend?

Then join us and show your representative that 38 million AARP members demand action on drug prices. Email your member of Congress now.

Your voice makes an amazing difference,

The AARP Grassroots Advocacy team
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