2011 Legislative Priorities

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Question - Not Required - The new health care reform law passed by Congress provides many opportunities for Montana to change its health care system. Should advocating for consumers on health care reform be a high, moderate, or low priority for AARP Montana?

Question - Not Required - The new health care law gives Montana an opportunity to expand long term care services provided to people in their homes and communities as an alternative to nursing home care. Should advocating for home and community services for seniors be a high, moderate or low priority for AARP Montana?

Question - Not Required - Montana is one of 4 states that does not require background checks of health care workers providing care in private homes, nursing home facilities, hospitals, and other places. There are $3 million in federal funds available to establish a background check system in Montana. Should establishing a background check system for direct care workers be a high, moderate or low priority for AARP and the legislature?

Question - Not Required - In an effort to strengthen financial protection for consumers, Montana could improve its laws concerning Financial Power of Attorney. Should improving our Financial Power of Attorney laws be a high, moderate or low priority for AARP Montana?

Question - Not Required - The Montana legislature is likely to face a large shortfall in revenue when trying to balance the next state budget. This could dramatically affect public services and structures. The legislature could make significant cuts in senior services, education, health care, and public infrastructure. Or the legislature could take a balanced approach by finding new revenue to fund public structures and services that strengthen our communities. What should AARP Montana advocate for?

Question - Not Required - In 2007 the Montana legislature created the Older Montanans Trust Fund to create or expand services that help Montanans age 60 and older live an independent lifestyle in their homes and communities. Because of the tight revenue situation, the legislature faces a decision to use all or part of the $8.8 million dollars for other purposes or to fund current senior services. What should AARP Montana advocate?

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