Urge Your Legislators to Pass HB 6442 and End the Digital Divide!


Too many Connecticut residents lack access to affordable high-speed internet.

Communities without access to high-speed internet suffer, losing out on opportunities for people to learn, find jobs, stay healthy, and for local businesses to prosper. High-speed internet helps older Americans remain independent as they age and avoid isolation from family and friends. Critical supports and services needed by residents, especially seniors, such as tele-health and virtual visitation in residential care facilities are adversely impacted by the digital divide. It also results in increased social isolation.
This is why it is critical HB 6442, An Act Concerning Equitable Access, passes and Connecticut begins taking action to end the digital divide.

Please take a moment to remind your legislators that access to high-speed internet helps older Americans avoid isolation from family and friends and helps them remain independent as they age.



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