Take Action to Protect Nursing Home Residents

We need to improve the quality of nursing home care in Connecticut. State lawmakers are considering legislation that will improve nursing home staffing levels, implement stricter infection control measures, ensure that facilities have adequate stockpiles of personal protective equipment, and help residents stay connected to their loved ones.

Tell legislators to act quickly to make sure that nursing home residents receive the high-quality care they deserve. You can send the message below as-is to show your support, or you can edit the message to share your personal thoughts.

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COVID-19 exposed long-standing problems with nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. Nursing home staff worked hard to keep residents safe during the pandemic, but now it's time to address the underlying issues that put residents and staff at risk.

Nursing home residents and their loved ones cannot wait any longer. I am counting on you and your colleagues to protect residents, support workers, and help families stay connected to their loved ones. Please act quickly to pass S.B. 1030 and improve the quality of care in nursing homes.


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