Florida Nursing Home Residents Need Safe, High-Quality Care AARP

Florida Nursing Home Residents Need Safe, High-Quality Care


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Florida lawmakers can make a positive difference in the lives of nursing home residents during the 2023 legislative session. AARP is urging lawmakers to protect nursing home residents by:

 Enhancing more effective oversight of nursing home care service delivery. Rely less on self-reporting by nursing homes and focus on in-facility inspections and coordinated, but joint, service delivery improvement with teams of regulators, nursing home management and nursing home direct care staff.

 Boosting nursing home quality performance scoring under the Prospective Payment System (PPS) for facilities “enhancement” of licensed CNA, LPN and RN staff.

 Combating often-fatal isolation by connecting residents with their families through virtual visitation regardless of in-person visitation status.

 Holding nursing homes legally accountable for providing residents with quality care.

 Helping address workforce shortages by utilizing short-term and long-term solutions that provide a stable and consistent staff for long-term care facilities.

 Establishing a medical loss ratio for nursing homes that will ensure nursing home facilities are held to a minimum standard for quality care and adequate staffing while allowing for reasonable administrative costs.

 Amending the state Medicaid plan, or submit waiver applications to place home-and-community-based services (HCBS) on par with institutional long-term care. Let the service recipient CHOOSE between facility-based and HCBS services when HCBS services are available and appropriate.