Stop PSO from Raising Your Rates!

AARP continues to fight at the Oklahoma Corporation to keep your utility rates low. Special interest groups have lined up to get their special deal and are asking you to pay for it. We need your help to fight back.

PSO recently asked the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to raise consumer rates by $172 million and to keep your fixed monthly charge at $20. That means you pay $20 before you ever flip on a switch. This is four times what PSO’s customers in Texas pay for the same fixed rate. Keep in mind, this is on top of rising gas prices and PSO’s request to collect $650 million in winter weather costs. This is simply too much!

Oklahoma’s elected corporation commissioners need to hear from you today!




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Dear Commissioner,

I need your help to stop PSO from raising my utility rates. I am asking you to reject PSO’s rate increase request and to lower the fixed monthly charge. I should not have to pay $20 a month before I flip a switch, while customers in Texas pay less than $5 a month for the same charge. By rejecting PSO’s requested rate increase and lowering the fixed monthly charge, you can help me, as well as thousands of Oklahomans, better afford our electricity.

Commissioner, now is the time to help older Oklahomans, especially those on fixed incomes. You have the ability to keep the lights on for thousands of Oklahomans. I hope you can find it in your heart to do the right thing and protect us from PSO’s high rates and fees.


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