Let’s Help Stop Fraudsters and Scammers AARP

Let’s Help Stop Fraudsters and Scammers

17 per second. That is how many robocalls are being made to Oklahomans across our state. That adds up to over 600 million calls per year, with one out of every three calls being a fraudulent call. With your help, we can fight back against these calls!

AARP Oklahoma is advocating for HB 3168 by Rep. Logan Phillips and Sen. Bill Coleman to fight back against fraudsters and misleading or scam robocalls. 

The bill will empower state officials to go after scammers who mask or hide their real identity and requires companies to obtain your written consent before calling or texting you to dramatically reduce the number of unsolicited phone calls you receive. Companies in violation would have to pay you up to $500 per offense.

This legislation will assist in making sure the phone calls and text messages you receive are only the ones you want. However, we know people who profit from these schemes will be fighting to keep this bill from being signed into law. This is why Governor Stitt needs to hear from you today!



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Dear Governor,

I am sick and tired of getting scam robocalls and texts. I receive these calls and texts at all hours of the day. It makes it difficult to determine if a call is legitimate or if a fraudster is trying to rip me off.

Governor, I appreciate your efforts to help curb these abuses. Please sign HB 3168 to put an end to these robocalls once and for all!


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