OG&E is Raising Your Rates, Take Action Today

Oklahoma faced unusual, but not unprecedented winter weather in February 2021. During that time, OG&E racked up nearly $750 million in debt by paying wildly high prices for natural gas, even when they had more affordable gas in storage they could have used. Sadly, OG&E’s customers like you were left holding the bag for those bad decisions. Beginning in January, your rates are being increased by more than $2 a month for the next 28 years to pay for those bad decisions.

Before the ink even dried on that rate increase, OG&E alerted the Oklahoma Corporation Commission that it was seeking to raise your rates again. This time to the tune of nearly $10 a month or over $120 a year! The proposed $164 million a year rate hike is unconscionable. Especially after learning OG&E netted a profit of $473 million in the preceding 12 months. This excessive profiting on the backs of older Oklahomans must stop!

This is why AARP Oklahoma is fighting back at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and asking Oklahoma’s elected corporation commissioners to lower OG&E rates and provide Oklahomans, especially older Oklahomans on fixed incomes, the relief they deserve.



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Dear Commissioner,

Over the past four quarters, OG&E has earned more than $473 million in profits and passed on hundreds of millions of dollars in mistakes to us, the customers. They are now asking us to line their pockets once again. I don’t think so. I need your help. Please don’t raise my rates. Many Oklahomans cannot afford another rate hike and instead need their rates lowered.

Commissioner now is not the time to increase OG&E’s profits even more. Given OG&E’s enourmous profits, now is the time to lower our rates and give Oklahomans the relief they deserve. Don’t waste this opportunity to make Oklahomans’ utility rates more affordable.


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