Take Action Today to Help Pass the Caring for Caregivers Act AARP

Take Action Today to Help Pass the Caring for Caregivers Act

Help us Help Oklahoma’s Caregivers

The Caring for Caregivers Act, would provide well-deserved financial relief to family caregivers who pay for items such as home safety modifications, medical equipment or home health care to help keep their parents, spouses and other loved ones at home longer. It would also help mitigate more costly taxpayer-funded nursing home stays. The credit covers up to 50% of the expenses incurred and is capped at $2,000. However, the cap is extended to $3,000 if the person receiving care suffers from Alzheimer’s or is a veteran.

We know this bill is needed, and it is long past due. Oklahoma’s unpaid family caregivers are the unsung heroes of our state, and they need our support. Adding your voice will help to ensure this bill passes and our caregivers receive the help they deserve.

The Caring for Caregivers Act recognizes our unpaid family caregivers' hard work and sacrifices and assists those who are stepping up to the plate to care for their loved ones. Let’s help them by passing the act today. Thank you for lending your voice. Together we can get this done!



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The Caring for Caregivers Act by Rep. Tammy West and Sen. John Michael Montgomery, provides a targeted tax credit to help offset costs incurred by Oklahomans who are caring for loved ones. The act recognizes not only the hard work, but also the financial expense that goes into keeping a loved at home. While the tax credit is modest, the support you can choose to show Oklahoma’s unsung heroes is priceless.

I appreciate you supporting the Caring for Caregivers Act. It will make such a difference in the lives of Oklahoma’s caregivers and, at the same time, help the state save money by allowing more Oklahomans to remain at home: a rare win-win. Please support the Caring for Caregivers Act.

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