End Auto-Renew Third Party Electric Supply Contracts


Ask Your Legislators to pass HB 6526 with strong protections to stop residential third-party electric supplier abuses!

After nearly two decades of implementing legislative and regulatory policies meant to protect ratepayers, it is time to tell third-party electric suppliers that this is their last chance. Their often abusive, and at times illegal, marketing tactics will no longer be tolerated.
Third-party electric suppliers are allowed to auto renew you as a customer when your contract expires. The terms of this auto-renewed contract almost always has higher rates than the standard offer from the utilities.
This is why it is critical HB 6526, An Act Concerning Electric Suppliers,passes and retains the language that eliminates auto-renewed contracts and cancellation fees.

Please take a moment to urge your legislators to protect ratepayers and ensure you will not be automatically renewed into a contract that costs you more than the standard service. You should also not be stuck with a cancellation fee to get out of a bad deal.


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