Seniors Deserve Better: Ensure Quality Care in Nursing Homes

Protect Nursing Home Residents

We are deeply concerned about staffing shortages at residential care facilities. AARP’s Nursing Home Dashboard has consistently found over 25 percent of nursing homes nationally reporting a shortage of direct care workers since June 2020.  Many facilities had inadequate staff prior to the pandemic, and it is essential that staff be adequate to meet residents’ many COVID- and non-COVID-related care needs, including infection control. Across the country, we have seen that higher staffing levels are associated with fewer deaths and COVID-19 cases in nursing homes.
Please join us in urging state lawmakers to take immediate action to ensure that staffing levels in long-term care facilities are adequate. 



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Include safe nursing home staffing policy in the final state budget
Dear Decision Maker,

I urge you to include language in the final state budget that ensures nursing home residents receive safe, quality care by enacting provisions to adequately staff nursing homes.

Seniors deserve better. Please act now to protect our most vulnerable - include language in the state budget to ensure adequate staffing at nursing homes.

Thank you.

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