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Tell Lawmakers to Agree to a Special Session

Tell Lawmakers to Agree to a Special Session

This year's historic state budget surplus gave lawmakers the opportunity to address the workfroce crisis in long-term care and provide tax relief for seniors. But the Minnesota Legislature missed the deadline to get their work done. The Governor is willing to call them back for a Special Session, but not all legislators agree to return to the Capitol.

Minnesota faces a dire shortage of workers available to care for seniors. If the legislature can't finish their work, the health and safety of Minnesota's seniors is at risk. Lawmakers must address this crisis by increasing wages and benefits for long-term care workers. 

At the same time, many Minnesota seniors are struggling to make ends meet. One way to help is to reduce the tax burden on seniors by reducing state Social Security and property taxes. There are concerns that this repeal is cosly but with a historic surplus, there is room to both reduce the tax burden on seniors and invest in the long-term care workforce.

Don't let lawmakers leave the Capitol without finishing their work. Tell your lawmakers to get their work done and increase wages and benefits for long-term care workers and provide tax relief to low and middle-income seniors. It's a win-win for Minnesota's seniors. 


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Agree to a Special Session - Seniors Can't Wait
Dear Decision Maker,

I urge you to come together to finish the Minnesota Legislature’s work in a Special Session. It’s disappointing that the work was not finished on time. It is important to address seniors’ needs, including addressing the dire long-term care workforce shortage and providing tax relief on Social Security benefits and property tax relief for homeowners and renters alike.

By not investing in the programs that keep seniors in their homes and the workforce that cares for them, many vulnerable seniors’ health and safety will be threatened. Funding is also needed for the workers providing care in nursing homes to prevent any more closures.

Moreover, given the historic budget surplus, there is room to invest in both long-term care and tax relief. But Minnesota can’t invest in one over the other. We must do both.

The final tax agreement provides historic tax relief to seniors by exempting fully Social Security benefits from taxation. While there are concerns that this repeal is costly ($1.6 billion over three years), an agreement that invests in both the long-term care workforce and significant property tax relief is a win-win for seniors.

Your support for Minnesota seniors is urgently needed. Seniors can’t wait another year. Come back to the Capitol and address the needs of seniors. They’re counting on you.

Thank you.

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