Urge the Iowa House to Pass SF 522


Urge the Iowa House to pass SF 522

AARP Iowa’s top legislative priority is to make elder abuse a crime and fix the gap in Iowa law enforcement and financial institutions’ tools to stop and prevent it. SF 522 would create a new criminal offense of “financial exploitation against an older individual” and would treat assault or theft against Iowans 60 or older as more serious crimes when an Iowan is targeted because they are 60+. Elder abuse takes many forms. Financial exploitation is the easiest to detect and most reported form of elder abuse, but rarely occurs on its own, often occurring with other forms of abuse: emotional, physical, even sexual.

Perpetrators are sometimes strangers, but abusers are more often known and trusted, including family members. AARP Iowa is proud to join Iowa aging advocates and a broad cross-section of other Iowa groups, many on the front line of combatting elder abuse, in supporting SF 522 to create criminal sanctions against elder abuse. The bill has no registered opposition.

SF 522 passed the Iowa Senate unanimously in 2021, which means the bill only needs to pass the Iowa House this year to be put on the Governor's desk for signature.

Send a note today to ask your State Representative for their support. We can work together to protect our most vulnerable Iowans.

Help keep the momentum on this important legislation going!


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We need legislation in place to better protect older Iowans from financial exploitation and other elder abuse. Make elder abuse a crime. It's time.

Elder abuse is an often-hidden occurrence that affects far too many older Iowans and is on the rise in Iowa. Elder abuse is not currently its own crime in Iowa.

Please pass SF 522!


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