Seniors Deserve Better: Tell MN Lawmakers to Support Minnesota Workers & Family Caregivers 

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Minnesota’s long-term care work force is in crisis. A shortage of skilled workers in nursing homes and home-care services have reached critical levels, taking a toll on workers and threatening the health and safety of vulnerable seniors. Now is the time to invest in better wages and benefits including sick pay.

What’s more, Minnesota’s family caregivers risk their own financial security to care for their loved ones. Only 13% of workers have paid family and medical leave through their employers, allowing them to take time off to care for a loved one. The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the importance of a paid family leave program for caregivers struggling to care for loved ones. 

Minnesota leaders must do more to make sure all workers have access to adequate pay, sick leave and paid family and medical leave.   

Urge lawmakers to pass commonsense solutions this year to protect seniors:  

  • Invest in wages and benefits, including sick and safe time for the direct care work force that provides care for seniors. 
  • Support Family Caregivers by passing the Paid Family and Medical Leave Act to provide partial wage replacement to care for a seriously ill family member or to take care of one’s own serious medical condition.   

Tell lawmakers Minnesota seniors deserve better. They deserve care they can count on.  

AARP Minnesota, 191 University Ave. W. Suite 500, St. Paul MN 55104

Minnesota State Capitol Building
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Seniors Deserve Better: Support Minnesota Long-term Care Work
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