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A quick phone call to legislators can help us save landline phones here in Maine.

Please leave a message for Maine legislators asking them to oppose LD 466, "An Act to Increase Competition and Ensure a Robust Information and Telecommunications Market." 

Below is a sample script: 

"Hi, my name is _________ and I live in __________. I am calling in regard to LD 466, a bill that threatens to deregulate basic landline phone service in certain communities around Maine. I'm asking members of the Energy, Utilities and Technology committee to oppose this bill and vote against LD 466. I don't feel this bill will guarantee the safety of thousands of Mainers who depend on a reliable, affordable landline telephone every day. If you could please pass along my concern to members of the committee, I would appreciate it." 

This is done

Make a call to General office line Maine Senate's Office


Phone: (800) 423-6900


  Log a call to General office line Maine Senate's Office

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