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Tell Pres. Obama: Keep Your Promise!

Two years ago, President Obama stood up during his State of the Union address and said something we can all agree with: we should strengthen Social Security without cutting the benefits of current retirees.

But just over a month ago on Meet the Press, the president said: "One of the proposals we've made was something called Chained CPI... an adjustment in how inflation is calculated on Social Security." It sounds simple, but this shortsighted change will mean $112 billion in cuts to Social Security over ten years.

President Obama needs to keep his promise. The chained CPI proposal would lower the yearly cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for current retirees, leaving seniors struggling to keep up with the rising cost of prescriptions, utilities, and health care.

Send a letter to Pres. Obama today and tell him to keep his promise to protect seniors on Social Security.


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