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Did you know: JCP&L may owe its New Jersey customers a $200 million rate decrease? Here’s why: 


  • In September of 2011, the NJ Division of Rate Counsel went to the Board of Public Utilities (BPU) with very troubling evidence that our second largest electric utility – Jersey Central Power and Light Company (JCP&L) – may be overcharging its more than one million customers. AARP agreed with the Rate Counsel.


  • The BPU, which regulates utility companies like JCP&L, ordered a full review of its rates.


  • Once JCP&L’s books were examined, it was clear to AARP that the company has been over-earning by $200 million – and that its customers should be given a rate decrease equal to that amount.



Yet, here we are three years later, and the BPU has yet to make a final decision – and lower rates for JCP&L customers.


  • While we know that this can take some time, three years is too long.  JCP&L customers should not be penalized for delays in this process – delays that resulted in large part from company requests for extensions to file documents or produce required studies.


  • In order to make sure JCP&L customers do not pay a dime more than necessary, the Division of Rate Counsel and AARP have requested that the BPU set current JCP&L rates as “provisional” and subject to refund while the Board continues to deliberate.  


Bottom line: We are simply asking the BPU do its job and protect New Jerseyans from unnecessarily high utility rates.  AARP believes that the BPU should provide strong oversight, and that both transparency and accountability are necessary to prevent utility companies from dramatically increasing your home electric and gas bills.



New Jerseyans have a right to fair and reasonable utility rates. It’s time for the BPU to make sure this is true for JCP&L ratepayers.


Tell the BPU to ensure JCP&L’s electric prices  are fair and reasonable by lowering our rates now.




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The time to make a decision on the JCP&L rate case to lower our rates is now!

To the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities:  

I need you to act now to make my electric and gas bills fair and reasonable. It has been three years since JCP&L was ordered to open its books on the basis of strong evidence that the Company is overearning at the expense of customers. I agree with AARP that, based on this evidence, the Company has overearned and overcharged customers more than $200 million. Three years is too long to wait for a decision and for me to be paying unreasonable and unfair prices. At a minimum, I am requesting you establish my current rate as provisional, subject to refund so that I don't have to overpay any longer.

NJ already pays the 7th highest residential electric rates in the nation. These high prices are just as much of a challenge for businesses as high property taxes.

The time to make a decision on the JCP&L rate case to lower our rates is now!

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