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Our elected leaders owe it to all Americans to take responsible action to secure Medicare for future generations, while keeping the promise they've made to seniors.

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Keep Medicare Strong

To Congress and President Obama

We are millions of Americans who have paid into Medicare our entire lives.

We expect our elected representatives in Washington to secure Medicare for future generations and keep the promise they've made to seniors -- yet too many politicians say the only way to strengthen Medicare is to cut benefits or make seniors pay more.

We believe there's a better way.

We need responsible solutions that keep Medicare strong, not harmful cuts. We need solutions that improve care, reduce health care costs, fight fraud, and find real savings for taxpayers.

It is time for Washington to take action to strengthen Medicare by:

* Clamping down on drug companies' high prices,
* Coordinating care so we can improve patient health and reduce medical errors,
* Finding alternative ways to resolve malpractice claims that ensure fair treatment for patients and doctors and speed the resolution of claims, and
* Cutting unnecessary tests, excess paperwork, waste and fraud.

We the undersigned believe President Obama and members of Congress owe it to all Americans to take responsible, common sense action to keep Medicare strong for seniors and generations to come.

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