Access to health care

An important issue is coming up in the House Health and Welfare Committee on Wednesday.The  Committee will consider a bill that would protect your access to nurse practitioner provided health care.  Considering that Louisiana is facing a severe shortage of primary care providers, which is projected to worsen as the state's population ages and demands more intensive care, we need nurse practitioners more than ever before.

Tell your legislator today to support House Bill 864 and protect consumers' access to health care.


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Support HB 864 -- protect Louisianans access to health care provided by nurse practitioners

Dear [Decision Maker],

Please support House Bill 864 and protect Louisiana's access to health care.

Advanced practice registered nurses are in the best position to increase Louisianans access to high-quality, patient-centered care.

HB 864 would protect physicians and nurse practitioners' ability to enter into collaborative practice agreements to provide health care.

Support consumers' access to health care by voting for HB 864.

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