Tell the State Board of Nursing: Nurse Delegation Helps Nurses, Patients, and Caregivers!



Right now, the State Board of Nursing is considering a new regulation change that would help the patients that they care for, and their aides. The new regulation will help patients heal at home by allowing nurses to delegate medication administration to trained home care professionals.  Right now, because nurses are not permitted to delegate medication administration, these tasks often fall on untrained and unprepared family caregivers.  

Nurse delegation will help patients and those that care for them. New Jersey completed a nurse delegation pilot program in 2011 that was evaluated by Rutgers University.  That pilot program showed there were no adverse health outcomes and, in fact, higher levels of satisfaction for aides and consumers.  The program produced positive effects in the health and quality of life for patients.

Indeed, many states around the country allow nurse delegation and have done so for years.

Nurse delegation supports everyone’s desire to stay in their homes and communities as we age, and to avoid difficult and costly institutional care. Nurse delegation moves New Jersey forward and in the right direction, the direction towards where we all want to be.

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