Elder Abuse is a CRIME

Governor Christie, please protect our most vulnerable residents.



Elder abuse, like many other forms of domestic abuse, is an often hidden phenomenon that affects hundreds of thousands of older Americans.  Elder abuse can take many forms, from physical to sexual to neglect. And it can even take the form of financial exploitation. In fact, every year, older Americans are robbed of $3 billlion thanks to this type of elder abuse- and this is just the amount that is reported. 

The people who commit this crime can be a stranger to the victim, such as an aide that comes into the home to assist with daily activities, or they can even be someone that the victim knows and trusts, such as a friend or family member.

The New Jersey Legislature has just passed a bill, A1120/S157, that is currently awaits the signature of Governor Chris Christie.The bill would create a task force, made up of experts from the areas of law enforcement, the financial industry, adult protective services, and other areas to study the issues and write a report to the Governor and the Legislature containing its findings and recommendations for legislative and other action that may be necessary to address and prevent the abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation of older adults and persons with disabilities.   

This bipartisan bill passed through the both chambers of the legislature without receiving a single "no" vote because no matter who you are or what party you represent, we all recognize just how important this bill is to protecting those we care about.

It's time to protect our most vulnerable residents, who've done so much for us throughout their lives. 

Please send a message to Governor Christie.

Urge him to sign A1120/S157 and take one step closer toward eliminating the abuse of our elder loved ones. 


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Governor Christie, protect our most vulnerable!

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