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Many Montanans are not adequately prepared for retirement.  The MORE Savings Plan creates an easy and safe way for employees of small businesses to save for retirement.  Urge your legislators to support SB 346.   Please add your own comments in the box below.    


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Support SB 346, the MORE Savings Plan

Dear  [Decision Maker],

I am writing today to encourage your support of SB 346, The Montana Optional Retirement for Employees Savings Plan (The MORE Plan), sponsored by Senator Terry Gauthier, R-Helena

As you probably know, more and more Montanans are not adequately prepared for retirement. Savings rates are down and retirement plan options through employers can be unavailable, especially through small businesses.

The MORE Savings Plan Will select a few suitable Roth Individual Retirement Account (Roth IRA) products to be offered to small business employees voluntarily.

Interested businesses with up to 150 employees could enroll their employees in the various products and the employees' contributions would be automatically deducted from their pay checks.

The IRA would be portable and could be converted or combined into another product down the road. The plan would be administered by the Montana Department of Commerce.

The MORE Plan would help solve the following problems:

* Encourage greater savings and preparation for retirement by employees who are not offered an employee sponsored savings or retirement plan.

* Reduce the stress of shopping for retirement products by the employee and employer.

* Employers are not liable for selection of an appropriate investment product.

* No on-going costs to the state.

I encourage your support of the MORE Program, it's an optional win-win solution for small business employers and employees alike.

Thank you for your efforts.

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