Landlines are Lifelines:  

Governor Christie, tell the BPU that doing nothing isn’t an option.


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For the thousands of New Jerseyans who depend on their home phone for medical monitoring, home security, and in case of emergency, landline service is essential to their safety and well-being.

But due to aging copper landlines in parts of New Jersey, many residents now experience poor quality phone service, not to mention a lack of high-speed Internet.

 We’ve been waiting far too long for the NJ Board of Public Utilities to require that  Verizon provide quality and reliable telephone service throughout New Jersey. 

Despite mounting evidence, the BPU has done nothing to address the problems.

Telephone service is a lifeline.   We depend on our phone service, and New Jerseyans deserve better.

Doing NOTHING isn't an option.



 Urge Governor Christie to protect the landlines our seniors count on.



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