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Surprise medical bills are an expensive and unfair burden for patients and their families who expect their health plan to provide coverage. And the last thing patients struggling to recover need is to be ambushed with a surprise medical bill and thrown into the middle of a dispute between doctors and insurance companies. This is why AARP is working to enact A1952/S1285. 

Unfortunately some legislators believe that stopping this harmful practice  can be solved by increased transparency alone.  However, more transparency in the service and billing process, while needed, does not in and of itself adequately protect consumers from these unfair and financially burdensome anti-consumer practices.    The fact is, when consumers obtain health care services from an in-network facility, but get hit with surprise out-of-network charges, the bill is still a surprise, no matter how transparently detailed the charges are.  And consumers should not be left holding the bag.

AARP believes that consumers should be held harmless when they receive emergency care or have a scheduled procedure at an in-network facility, only to find out after the fact that one or more of the health professionals were out-of network.

That’s why AARP is fighting to enact legislation that will lower health care costs by protecting consumers against surprise medical bills, increase transparency, and provide a fair distpute resolution process when there is a billing dispute.

Contact your state legislators today and urge them to put patients and consumers first by supporting A1952/S1285. 


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Stop Surprise Medical Bills: Support A1952/S1285!

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