Just Say No 2 PSO

PSO is asking the Corporation Commission to raise your rates by $137 million.  That means up to a 14% increase in the average monthly bill!  

This is your chance to raise your voice before they raise your rates.  Use this opportunity to tell the Commissioners that you can't afford another increase in your rates. 

Fill out the fields below and send this email to the Commissioners, telling them you need relief from these constant increases in your electric utility rates.


  • Bob Anthony
  • Todd Hiett
  • Dana Murphy


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Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to ask that you reject PSO's request to increase my electric rates by $137 million, or as much as 14% per month! I wanted to raise my voice before PSO raises my rates.

As a voter and a customer of PSO, I respectfully request that you vote NO on allowing PSO to increase their rates, and consider giving PSO customers a rate reduction. Many of us are struggling day to day. Thank you.

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