Urge Governor Bullock to increase in-home care services!

If you are like most people, you want to be able to stay in your own home as you age. Many Montanans rely on Medicaid to cover their long-term care needs.

Medicaid will always pay for care in a nursing home, but there is a waiting list of over 500 Montanans who would prefer to receive care at home or an assisted living residence.

Currently, the Governor and his team are putting together the state's budget plan for next year. We need you to tell him how important it is that Medicaid do everything possible to provide services to people in their homes and avoid expensive nursing home stays.

Send a message to the governor: Increase Medicaid's home and community services program! Five hundred Montanans should not face the choice of waiting for home care or else be placed into a nursing home.

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Increase funding for Medicaid waiver home care in Governor's budget

Dear [Decision Maker],

Like many Montanans if I experience a significant health condition, rather than going to a nursing home I would prefer the option of getting care in my home. Currently, there's a waiting list of over 500 people on Medicaid on Medicaid who need long-term care services, but who would prefer to remain in their own home or assisted living rather than go to an expensive nursing home.

Governor, as you craft the state's next budget, please increase funding for the Medicaid waiver home and community based services program. A committee of Republican and Democratic legislators see the need for this, so include in your budget their proposal for more Medicaid waiver home and community services.

Thank you for considering the needs of people who require long term care services in their homes.

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