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Family caregivers provide an invaluable service for their loved ones and our communities. However, the toll of providing care can be steep. We know family caregivers caring for military veterans who suffered disability in battle can face even greater challenges. More than half of these family caregivers of wounded warriors report having difficulties paying medical bills incurred by themselves and their family members. Indeed, high rates of financial hardship are found among military caregivers. And caring for veterans with certain conditions, notably mental illnesses and traumatic brain injuries, has been associated with particularly high rates of financial hardship.

The bipartisan Wounded Warrior Caregivers Relief Act (S750/A450) provides a modest tax credit to qualified family caregivers who take care of a military service member who has a disability arising out of service in any war or conflict on or after September 11th, 2001. The bill has been passed by the state legislature and is now on the Governor’s desk awaiting his signature.

AARP’s recent report, Family Caregiving and Out-of-Pocket Costs: 2016 Report, documents that the vast majority of caregivers spend out of their own pockets on caregiving expenses. On average they contribute $6,954 to their loved one’s care each year. The annual total increases significantly for family caregivers of those with dementia ($10,697) and those providing long distance care ($11,923). Moreover, two in five family caregivers experience moderate to high stress due to the financial burden of caregiving

Military veterans who’ve suffered an injury have more than done their part. They’ve made enormous sacrifices. We must make sure we honor the struggles they and their families face.

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