Take Action Today – Say No to Exelon's multi billion dollar bailout!

At a time when millions of Illinoisans struggle under higher taxes and fees, increased cost of living, and depleted state services, the last thing they need is another utility rate hike. But that's exactly what utility giants Exelon, ComEd and Ameren want to deliver to ratepayers via legislation they have introduced in Springfield.

Senate Bill 2814 is not a jobs bill, as Exelon says. It's billions of dollars in rate hikes for both residential and business customers. In fact, it could be the largest in our nation's history, just to bailout Exelon's failing nuclear plants...and guarantee higher profits at the expense of Illinois ratepayers!

Additionally, Senate Bill 2814 will destroy over 44,000 jobs across the state in the next 25 years - instead of the jobs it will supposedly save in Clinton and the Quad Cities.

Fill out our action alert below and tell your State Senator to oppose SB2184!


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Exelon's nuclear bailout bill Senate Bill 2814 will create one of our nation's highest utility rate hikes if not THE highest! It will require billions of dollars from ratepayers to bail out Exelon's nuclear plants in Clinton and the Quad Cities!

Senate Bill 2814 is not about saving jobs at the Clinton and Quad Cities power plants the legislation is about Exelon remaking the Illinois electricity market from a competitive model to an unregulated, monopoly style model, all at the expanse of ratepayers and after consumers have already paid over $2.6 billion in 10 years for ComEd's Smart Grid.

Senate Bill means higher monthly rates for both residential and business customers alike!

Vote NO on SB2814; say NO to an Exelon bailout!

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