Take Action on Proposed MT Budget Cuts

Montana’s 2017 State Legislative Session is off to a rough start for seniors.  Legislative leaders cut $52 million to the Senior and Long-Term Care budget. 

Fortunately, the session runs until late April and there is still time – but only if you act now!

Montana is one of the fastest aging states in the nation with a growing need for senior services.  This is not the time to make such draconian cuts to the very services that help keep people in their own homes and communities as they age.

Please contact your legislators now by sending an email or by calling 1-406-444-4800 to leave a message to “Restore the Senior and Long-Term Care Budget in House Bill 2”.  Both the House and Senate members need to hear from you.

Thank you for your help in restoring this critical budget for Montana’s older population!



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Act Now to Put a Stop to Drastic Senior and Long term Care Budget Cuts

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am alarmed to hear that $52 million has been cut out of the Senior and Long-term Care budget. Please help restore this critical budget. Montana is a place where we take care of our own, especially our older neighbors. It does not make sense to cut senior services in a state that has a quickly aging population.

I hope you can help address this critical situation.

Thank you.

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