Say NO to Subsidies or Special Deals for Millstone!

Dominion Resources, a private energy company based in Virginia, operates the Millstone Nuclear Power Station in Connecticut and claims that the plant is unprofitable.   Dominion is seeking legislation to set up a special deal that would allow them to charge more for the  power they generate for Connecticut.  This special deal will subsidize their profits without requiring financial disclosures to the state or ratepayers. 


The rules that Dominion and other power generators operate under in Connecticut and throughout New England are the rules that they asked for when the state deregulated electricity nearly 20 years ago.  Now that the power rates might slightly improve for the ratepayers, Dominion wants to operate by the rules from the 1990s.

Send a letter to your state legislators and the Governor and ask them to oppose Senate Bill 106, a bill that is being presented in public statements as beneficial to ratepayers, but does the exact opposite.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

I'm writing to voice my opposition to Senate Bill 106, A special deal for Millstone Nuclear Power that will raise my electric rates.

Electricity is not a luxury; it is a necessity for my health and safety. Please Oppose Senate Bill 106 and vote no!

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