Thank Your Senator for Helping Pass the CARE Act

The North Dakota Senate passed the CARE Act (Senate Bill 2215) by a 27-16 vote. Please let the Senators who voted 'yes' know how much AARP North Dakota and the state's more than 62,000 family caregivers appreciate their support.

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Thank You for Supporting the CARE Act

Dear [Decision Maker],

Thank you!

I appreciate your vote on behalf of the 62,100 uncompensated family caregivers in North Dakota.

They have a tough job and every bit of support helps. Senate Bill 2215 (the CARE Act) helps family caregivers in four important ways.

It ensures hospitals will:

- Ask patients if they would like to appoint a family caregiver
- Record the family caregiver in the medical record
- Contact the family caregiver at discharge or transfer
- Instruct and demonstrate medical tasks for the family caregiver

In testimony on the Senate floor, one of the lawmakers used the term 'walking angels' when talking about family caregivers. He couldn't have put it better. Their 58 million hours of free, in-home care to their loved ones saves the state about $860 million a year.

Investing a little bit of time in them is well worth it.

Thank you again for your vote!

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