Protect the Circuit Breaker!

The Missouri General Assembly is trying to take money out of the pockets of low income older and disabled Missourians to fund increased payments to nursing homes with no restoration of services to those cut off the program last year.  They are trying to cut the Circuit Breaker, the only tax credit in Missouri that goes to low income seniors, disabled veterans and people with disabilities, and now the Missouri Senate is trying to cut thousands of seniors off the program.

Targetting Missouri seniors for tax hikes when proposing tax cuts for corporations is just wrong.

Tell your legislators to oppose any cuts to the Circuit Breaker Tax Credit.



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Dear [Decision Maker],

Older and disabled Missourians are already suffering under the massive cuts made to the programs they rely on to keep them healthy and safe in their communities.

Don't add to their struggles by cutting the Circuit Breaker Tax Credit.

The pockets of low income seniors and disabled veterans should be the last place you look for money to fund state government - not the first

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