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Support New Mexico's Family Caregivers

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Working family caregivers often have to juggle between work and the needs of a loved one. To help make this balancing act a little easier, AARP New Mexico is proposing House Bill 86, the Caregiver Leave Act, which will allow a working caregiver to use already available sick leave for family caregiving duties.

A recent AARP survey of New Mexico voters shows the following:

59 percent of New Mexicans surveyed reported they were currently a family caregiver or had been one in the past while 56 percent, who reported that they were not caregivers, said they expected to be one at some point in the future.

More than half, 58 percent said they are employed full or part time.

74 percent said that their caregiving duties caused them to occasionally go into work late or leave early to provide their loved one with care.

More than a third, 38 percent, reported having to take a leave of absence from their job and 26 percent reported they had to reduce hours of work from full-time to part-time, while caregiving.

23 percent of New Mexico family caregivers left the workplace entirely. In comparison, the national average for leaving work entirely due to caregiving is 10 percent.

The New Mexico House passed HB86, which allows existing sick leave to be used for caregiving duties. Now we're asking you to do the same and support the Caregiver Leave Act. Let's help make family caregivers' responsibilities a little bit easier by passing House Bill 86.

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