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Cover Hearing Aids Under Medicaid

Dear [Decision Maker],

I live in your district and am contacting you to request your support to reinstate coverage for hearing aids in our state's Medicaid budget under HB 1264 and SB 5179.

What would you do if you could not hear? Studies have shown that persons with hearing loss have an increased risk of depression, social isolation, increased falls, reduced quality of life, loss of independence, dementia, cognitive decline, and more rapid brain decline.

Hearing treatment can assist many persons with dementia by reducing confusion, facilitating social participation and improving the ability to understand. Dental, hearing, and vision benefits were cut out of Medicaid during the recession. Dental was restored and now it is time for hearing aids to be covered.

650,000 Washingtonians have hearing loss. With an average price tag of $2,363 (per aid) (Hearing Review 2013), hearing aids are unaffordable for a growing population of low and middle-income seniors. Most health insurance plans, including Medicare, do not cover hearing aids.

Please add Washington back on to the list of states that provide hearing aids under Medicaid. Please support HB 1264 and SB 5179.

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