We're Asking the Senate Finance Committee to Fully Fund Medicaid


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Medicaid is a Critical Safety Net that Provides Vital Health Care

Dear  [Decision Maker],

Medicaid is a critical safety net that provides vital health care and long-term services to 880,000 individuals in New Mexico -- including low-income seniors, adults and children, as well as people with disabilities. Without this program, these people would not have access to health care.

As you are aware, if the state chooses not to fully fund Medicaid, New Mexicans could lose $190 million in matching federal funds.

But there are other detrimental costs to not fully funding Medicaid. Uninsured people tend to access health care using emergency rooms at a much higher cost than having a provider. Taxpayers subsidize those occurrences at a far higher rate than the cost of Medicaid.

Medicaid also allows seniors to receive care and remain in their homes, which cost less than institutionalized care.

I am asking you as a member of the Senate Finance Committee to commit to fully funding Medicaid and prevent reductions in health care services for our most vulnerable residents.

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