Please Support Family Caregviers.

We need your help in support of family caregivers across Tennessee. Please send an email to your official(s) in the state legislature asking for support of the Health Maintenance Tasks bill.

This bill gives a medical professional (M.D., APRN, R.N.) the ability to delegate certain maintenance tasks to a paid personal aide. These are health maintenance tasks that are often performed by family members, who have no professional training, for their loved ones every day in their own homes.

Unfortunately, paid personal assistants currently cannot help with these tasks. Therefore, if a friend or family member is not available, a nurse is required to come to the person’s home. This is not practical and for many, not affordable.

Allowing health maintenance tasks to be performed by paid personal aides may well make the difference in whether a person is able to receive safe and cost-effective care at home and in the community or be forced into a care institution.

On behalf of family caregiver across Tennessee, thank you for supporting this important bill.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to ask you to join me in supporting nearly 1 million family caregivers in Tennessee. As you know, every day caregivers provide a wide range of important tasks for loved ones. Although caregivers often willingly take on this role, it can be a huge challenge.

Please support of the Health Maintenance Tasks bill (SB597/ HB968), which would help alleviate some of the basic healthcare activities caregivers perform. This proposal allows a medical professional (M.D., APRN, R.N.) to delegate certain tasks to a paid personal aide.

I hope you will stand with me and the family caregivers in your district by supporting the Health Maintenance Tasks bill when it is heard in the health committee.

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