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Raising residential electric rates and including even bigger fixed charges for many customers on the monthly bill makes it more difficult for people to control the amount of their bill.  The fixed charges stay the same no matter how little electricity is used.  This is a bad proposal which should be eliminated.


  • Commissioner Bob Burns
  • Commissioner Boyd Dunn
  • Chairman Tom Forese
  • Commissioner Doug Little
  • Commissioner Andy Tobin


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Dear [Decision Maker],

I am contacting you today about APSs' proposal to raise residential electric rates, greatly increase the fixed service charge on many monthly electric bills, and to restrict the choice of rate plans to new customers.

Raising rates an average of $72 a year can create hardship. Many are on fixed incomes.

It is very important people be able to control the amount of their monthly electric bill. Big fixed charges on monthly bills leave a smaller portion of the bill which a customer can control. Allowing APS to offer new customers only two rate plans may result in Arizona families paying higher electric bills. Arizona families - not APS - should decide what is best for their pocketbook.

Please change these bad proposals. Arizonans should pay only what is fair and necessary for electricity and not one cent more.

Thank you,
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