Prevent Proposed Cap on County Services Funds

The North Dakota House of Representatives will be looking at a bill shortly that caps the amount of money the state provides to county programs that help older North Dakotans stay in their homes for as long as possible. Currently the state matches, at 87-percent, what a county receives from the state to help fund services like home delivered meals and senior centers. Representatives who support the idea claim that the cap is not a cut to programs because it fully funds the programs now. But, it will affect future growth.

These programs are vital to people who are doing everything they can to remain in their homes as they age. And, as we know, the ability for someone to stay home saves themselves, their families and the state valuable time and money.

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Thank you,

Mike Chaussee

AARP North Dakota - Advocacy


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Save Future Funding for Programs That Help North Dakotans Live at Home

Dear [Decision Maker],

Senate Bill 2273 has been amended to cap the amount of money for important county services that help older North Dakotans remain in their homes. The proposed funding cap will impact programs like home delivered meals and senior programming that help older people living in North Dakota remain in local communities as they age.

Please, vote 'No' to the amended version of Senate Bill 2273. Don't hurt the ability of older North Dakotans to receive future services that help them live where they choose.

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