Say No to Another Bailout Request from FirstEnergy

Unfair legislation saddles Ohioans with yet another subsidy for failing business practices

Ohio House Bill 178 has been introduced, and under the proposed legislation, Ohioans can be charged on their electric bills to subsidize aging nuclear power plants, including the outdated nuclear power plants FirstEnergy has indicated they would like to sell. FirstEnergy provides electric service to about two million Ohio residential consumers. Ohio’s Consumer Counsel has done some early calculations and is estimating the cost of the legislation for each of two million FirstEnergy residential consumers, on average, as up to $57 per year for up to 16 years (meaning up to $912), with the potential that the PUCO could allow adjustments to the charges based on inflation.

The subsidy charges would allow FirstEnergy and other electric companies to pass costs to consumers above the fair market price of electricity to prop up their failing business model. Ohio’s consumers, manufacturers, and small businesses have seen the benefits of lower energy costs according to a recent study by Ohio State University and Cleveland State University researchers. The study shows that the move to a de-regulated, competitive auction-based supply and demand energy market saved Ohioans nearly $12 billion from 2011-2015 and is projected to save them nearly another $12 billion for the five years through 2020.

Don’t let FirstEnergy’s lack of business savvy touch your wallet again. Since 2001 they have asked for more surcharges and subsidies than any other Ohio utility. Tell your legislators to vote NO on HB 178!


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Say No to Another FirstEnergy Bailout Request!

Dear [Decision Maker],

Ohio House Bill 178 has been introduced and under the proposed legislation, Ohioans can be charged on their electric bills to subsidize nuclear power plants, including the nuclear power plants owned by FirstEnergy.

As a consumer I feel it is time to take action. Please stand with Ohio consumers and VOTE NO on House Bill 178.

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