Save the Housing Incentive Fund

There are some ideas that hit home with us at AARP more than others. The Housing Incentive Fund is one of them. The fight for affordable housing began with our founder, Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus. The story goes that she found a retired former colleague of hers living alone, in a chicken coop, because she had run out of options. From that moment on, Dr. Andrus set out to help older Americans live safe, secure and dignified lives.
Programs like North Dakota's Housing Incentive Fund use innovative public-private partnerships to help encourage builders to invest in affordable housing. The program touts successes all across the state.
North Dakota's budget crunch has put the Housing Incentive Fund in jeopardy. We know the state cannot afford to fund it at levels it has in previous years, but we must keep the vital program alive. Please, encourge legislators who are negotiating the final version of the bill to support the Housing Incentive Fund by forwarding the message prepared for you with this e-mail. We have left room for you to add a personal message if you would like to include one. 
This is a good program that really speaks to AARP's mission. Please, help us save the Housing Incentive Fund.


  • State Senator Tim Mathern
  • State Representative Lois Delmore
  • State Representative Michael 'Mike' Don Brandenburg
  • State Senator David Hogue
  • State Senator Ronald 'Ron' Sorvaag
  • State Representative Keith A. Kempenich


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HIF Helps North Dakotans Find Homes

Dear [Decision Maker],

Few programs work as well as the Housing Incentive Fund. Please, do what you can to keep the fund alive and help make sure all North Dakotans have the opportunity to live safe, secure and dignified lives, no matter if they're living on a fixed income or moving into a new community.

Of the 120,000+ North Dakotans who receive Social Security, more than a third rely on it for their entire income. Add another third to the group that relies on it for more than half of their monthly income.

That's why it's so important to encourage builders to invest in affordable housing.

That's why it's so important to keep innovative programs like the Housing Incentive Fund alive.

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