It's Time for Illinoisans to say: 'Enough is Enough!'Illinois_State_Capitol_2012-300x225.jpg

   For too long Illinois has been without a comprehensive, balanced budget
   that helps make life better for residents of all ages. The impact of this
   impasse has been felt across the state: from college students to working
   families and their children and 
from older residents to social service
   providers every population group has been affected by increasingly
   depleted services.

   Politicians must stop putting politics above the people, their constituents.
   You have elected your State Senators and State Representatives to
   properly manage the state’s finances, and it’s their job to create a
   comprehensive, balanced budget that aims to make life better for all

including retirees, working families 
and low-income households.

We, as Illinoisans, must demand action for a comprehensive solution. We all have a common interest to force elected officials to find a solution and make a path for Illinois’ solvency. This is VITAL to the future of our state. It is vital for a secure retirement. It is vital for our children and grandchildren’s education. It is vital for the success of our businesses. It is vital for Illinoisans of all ages to love and take pride in their state.


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Enough is Enough!

Dear Representative,

Illinois needs budgetary and fiscal solutions that work for everybody. I want to hear what my elected State Representative proposes for a balanced budget and to pay the state's overdue bills. Let's hold them accountable!

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