Ask your Representative to vote NO on HB 1551 - we need educated long term care administrators.

HB 1551 would exempt some individuals looking to become long term care administrators from the requirement that they complete a four-year degree.  Since adding this requirement into law many years ago, Oklahoma has made significant progress in reducing deficiencies in our state's long term care facilities.  

Help us protect our state's most frail and vulnerable citizens, ask your Representative to vote NO on HB 1551.  Let's keep these strong educational requirements in place.  



Dear [Decision Maker],

For 15 years in Oklahoma, there has been a requirement for a four-year degree for our long term care administrators, those in charge of caring for our most frail and vulnerable citizens.

During that time Oklahoma has gone from the top ten worst states in the country for nursing home deficiencies to 27th and we now rank below the national average in deficiencies. Please don't undo that progress by voting for HB 1551.

As your constituent, I am asking that you protect those who need it most by keeping strong educational standards for our long term care administrators and vote NO on HB 1551.

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