Ask the Corporation Commission to vote NO on Empire's Outrageous Rate Hike

Empire District Electric Company was recently purchased by a foreign utility company.  Empire customers were promised no rate increases as a result of that merger.  Not five months later Emipre is asking the Corporation Commission to increase customer rates by $3.8 million per year, a 32% increase to residential customers like you. Empire is looking to DOUBLE your fixed monthly charge from $12.50 to over $20, that's almost $250 a year before you even turn on a light!

Take this opportunity to tell the Corporation Commission that you want them to vote NO on Empire's request to raise rates.  And, in the large box below, you can tell the Commission in your own words what a 32% rate increase would mean to you and your family.  This is your chance to tell our elected officials to protect your pocketbook and vote NO to Empire's outrageous increase request.  


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As a customer of Empire District electric utility, I am VERY concerned about their request to raise my rates by 32 percent and double my fixed monthly charge from $12.50 to over $20. I am writing to ask that you vote NO on Empire's request.

We were promised no rate increases as a result of the merger with Liberty Utilities and now, not five months later, Empire is asking to raise my rates. I thought the merger meant we'd be SAVING money. I cannot afford a 32% increase. I ask that you reject Empire's outrageous rate increase request and their plan to double my fixed monthly charge. Thank you.

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