Thank Governor Fallin for her veto of a new predatory loan!

AARP Oklahoma works to ensure financial security and independence as we age.  We fight to protect not just our members, but our fellow Oklahomans, from things that could compromise that independence.  That's why we asked for your help in fighting HB 1913 and the new predatory loan it created.  You wrote and asked the Governor to veto HB 1913 and, that's just what she did!  Your letters and calls made the difference! 

Now, let the Governor know you appreciate her hearing you and vetoing HB 1913 by sending a thank you.  If you would like to add a personal note to the Governor, please do so in the large box below.  


Dear [Decision Maker],

Thank you for listening to the voices of Oklahomans like me and vetoing HB 1913. Thank you for protecting our state's financially vulnerable citizens from the dangers of predatory lending practices.

Vetoing this bill sends a strong message that Oklahomans will not be easy prey for these out of state interests. I appreciate your veto, thank you.

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