Protect Renters from No-Cause Evictions and Extreme Rent Increases

The Oregon State Senate will soon be voting on House Bill 2004A. Oregon is currently facing an unprecedented housing crisis and older adults and people with disabilities, living on fixed income, often bear the brunt of this crisis. A safe and stable home is a cornerstone of well-being as we age.

Tell your Senator to stand for safe and stable for all Oregonians. The most impactful letters are personal, so feel free to include why tenant protections are important to you.


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I'm counting on you to protect renters from no-cause evictions and extreme rent increases.

Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent, I am writing to urge you to stand with Oregonians struggling in the current housing crisis. Support HB 2004A and protect renters from no-cause evictions and extreme rent increases.

Many families today live in fear of being evicted without a valid reason. Others, especially older adults and people with disabilities living on fixed incomes, are being priced out of their homes from rampant rent increases. Current Oregon state law prohibits local jurisdictions to pass any rent stabilization ordinances that would control the rate and speed of rent increases.

We need to protect renters from being evicted without a valid reason. And we also need to allow Oregon cities and counties to consider and enact rent-stabilization policies to meet the needs of their communities. Our local governments need all the tools available to address the housing crisis.

I am asking you to support HB 2004A and stand up for safe and stable homes for all Oregonians!

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