Thank Representative Topper for sponsoring House bill 100

Representative Jesse Topper has recognized the need to allow nurse practitioners to practice to the full extent of their training.  He has introduced House Bill 100 in the State House of Representatives.  Please consider sending him a message to thank him for introducing this important legislation and urge him to continue the fight to improve health care in Pennsylvania.

House Bill 100 would give full practice authority to nurse practitioners, allowing them to perform medical tasks such as prescribing medications without the supervision of a physician, ordering further tests, and diagnosing conditions. Nurse practitioners are medical professionals with extensive training, but their ability to practice is limited by Pennsylvania law.

House Bill 100 could change that.

House Bill 100 will enhance health care availability for older Pennsylvanians. As Pennsylvania’s population ages, the need for more medical professionals is growing – but the number of new doctors isn’t keeping up. Nurse practitioners could fill the gap, increasing access to a wide range of health care services for older adults and their caregivers, especially in rural and urban underserved areas where few physicians are available.

Decades of evidence demonstrate that nurse practitioners provide as high quality care as do physicians in primary care services.

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Please continue your work to pass House Bill 100 which gives full practice authority to nurse practitioners, thereby increasing access to health care and removing outdated barriers that prohibit nurse practitioners from providing care to patients to the full extent of their education and training. These barriers often delay care to patients. Care delayed is care denied.

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