Tell your state legislators:

It’s time to empower Oregonians by enacting Small Donor Elections.

The Oregon State Legislature is considering a proposal that would raise the voice of average Oregonians by establishing “Small Donor Elections”. In this system, if candidates agree not to take large campaign contributions, then small-dollar contributions from their own constituents are matched and amplified.

This means that a candidate can run for office—and win—by refusing big money from special interests. It means that talented people from a broader spectrum of our communities, even those who don’t have networks of wealthy donors, can run to represent their communities. And it means that candidates spend more time talking to community members, not making donor calls to out-of-state corporations.

Tell your Legislators to support the average Oregonian over big money. The most impactful letters are personal, so feel free to include why you think we should reduce the influence of big money.


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I am asking you to support HB 2578

Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent, I am writing to urge you to reduce the influence of big money by empowering average Oregonians. Support HB 2578 to create a "Small Donor Elections" system in Oregon.

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